Below are links to the official websites for David Paton, David Paton Songs, A Pilot Project, Another Pilot Project, The Alan Parsons Project, and other APP musicians. Please visit these sites for more information related to David and his Pilot and APP bandmates’ careers!

At David’s official website you will find lots of great information about David and his career. There are exclusive pictures to see, MP3s to hear and you can even submit questions for David to answer about his career outside of Pilot. Check it out now!  A new updated version of this site will be coming very soon!

Visit David’s site for his record label David Paton Songs to find out about his latest projects as a writer, musician, and producer. You will find out about the latest releases on his label, hear clips, and all the happenings in his studio. You can also buy CDs. Be sure to check out his studio diary to hear some of the latest things to come out of his studio.

The official website for the new album THE TRAVELLER. Here you can find out more about the album,  listen to clips and much  more.  he Traveller: Another Pilot Project is David’s follow-up to 2014’s A PILOT PROJECT. The album showcases David as a singer, musician, and producer, as David re-imagines 11 classic tunes from THE ALAN PARSONS PROJECT.

With A Pilot Project, David and Ian pay homage to Eric Woolfson’s legacy. We hope Project and Pilot fans alike enjoy the opportunity to hear Eric’s classic tunes interpreted and played in a new way by the band behind the Project. Visit the site to hear clips and find out more about this project, see the artwork, and much more. You can also order the CD there at the site.

At Ian’s official website you will also find lots of great information about Pilot and APP bandmate Ian Bairnson. Great pictures to see, an extensive discography with MP3 clips of his guitar work, and much, much more. This site will be undergoing a face lift very soon.  So please keep checking back, as we highlight more and more about this guitar legend.

Visit the official website of the Alan Parsons Project, the musical entity comprised of engineer/ producer Alan Parsons and songwriter, musician and manager Eric Woolfson.  David Paton, Ian Bairnson, and Stuart Elliott were the core musicians of APP. Andrew Powell was the arranger/conductor with Eric, Chris Rainbow, Lenny Zakatek, David, John Miles, Colin Blunstone, and many others providing the  vocals for the group!

The official website of Eric Woolfson (1945-2009) who was the co-founder, principal songwriter, lyricist, often lead singer of The Alan Parsons Project. He also wrote five stage musicals (Dancing Shadows, POE, Gambler, Gaudi and Freudiana) which have been performed all over the world. A brilliant songwriter who will never be forgotten!

The official website of Engineer and Producer Alan Parsons Project. Here you can buy music and merchandise and find out where his band is touring next. 

The official website of Andrew Powell: renowned composer, arranger, conductor, producer, and musician for concerts, records, film, television, and theatre. He has worked with artists from Boulez and Stockhausen to Kate Bush and Kansas, classical orchestras and brass bands to rock and theatre groups. He combined all of these styles as the arranger and conductor for The Alan Parsons Project.

Visit the official website of Stuart the drummer for The Alan Parsons Project (from Pyarmid onward), Kate Bush, and Cockney Rebel. In the 1990s, Stuart was instrumental in bringing the music of the Project to live audiences for the first time and made key musical and songwriting contributions to all of the band’s albums released under the name Alan Parsons. The site includes mp3s, video links and much more!

Visit the official website of Lenny Zakatek, lead vocalist for the 1970s band Gonzalez and of Alan Parsons Project regular vocalist who sang on such hits as I Wouldn’t Want to Be Like You, Games People Play, and Damned if I Do. Here  you can see video, photos, press articles and much much more.  Check it out.