Building on the success of “Magic” and the Sparks tour, Pilot took little time to refuel before continuing its ascent to the top. A little bad weather wouldn’t be enough to stop these guys. In December of 1974, the band had to cancel a planned headline tour after only one show because David came down with a throat infection. Pilot quickly changed course and on January 17, 1975 released what would become their biggest hit ever. The single, aptly entitled “January” soared up the UK charts in only 2 weeks hitting #1, on February 1. The single would become an international smash, enjoying lengthy stays at the top of the international charts. In Australia, January floated at the top of the charts for 10 weeks. Pilot followed-up “January” with the release of the single “Call Me Round” and their album “Second Flight” recorded in March of 1975 in AIR Studios. The band headlined a 23-date tour to coincide with the album’s release. In September of 1975, the band re-released its first single “Just a Smile” with new arrangements by Billy.In November of 1975, the band released the non-album track Lady Luck written by David Paton. The single proved to be Billy’s last flight with the band. In January of 1976, Billy left the band to concentrate on writing, arranging, and producing. Billy would follow-up with his own album, “Solo Casting”, released later in the year. In the meantime, the remaining crew members would seek to soar to new “Heights”


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